Introductory-level art courses in studio art are open to all students. If you decide to major in art, the development of your technical expertise and visual communication skills begins with courses in three-dimensional design or design concepts, and in foundation-level drawing. These courses, combined with three art history courses, provide the beginning basis for the development of your skills and concepts.

As an art major, you must choose one or two disciplines of specialization and embark upon a journey of visual investigation, which culminates in the ideas and concepts expressed in the Senior Thesis Exhibition.

Just a sampling of art courses:

  • Concepts in Two Dimensions
  • Concepts in Three Dimensions
  • Design: Visual Language
  • Photography
  • Special Topics: Sketchbooks and Artist Books
  • Special Topics: Drawing, Pattern and Print on Clay
  • Sculpture Workshop: Beyond the Object
  • Design Studies
  • Ceramic Sculpture: Moldmaking and Casting
  • Drawing: Methods
  • Printmaking: Exploration of Imagery Through Process
  • Color Studies: Theory and Applications
  • Large Format Painting
  • Sound Art
  • Experimental 3D
  • Science of Art: Rendering Through Optics