“… if you speak to any creative person, there's something so powerful - so intoxicating, if you will - about discovering another voice, another instrument, another way of looking at things, another way of perceiving things.”
- Jhumpa Lahiri 

Studio Art Study Away

As a faculty, we believe international study is an opportunity to influence one’s ideas and critical thinking, to experience cultural differences, to obtain a better understanding of the world with a global perspective and to expand one’s visual vocabulary towards the creative process.

We believe that changing places changes minds. The history of art and literature confirm this and exposure to other cultures awakens a new way of perceiving the world.

We place considerable importance on the research and preparation towards selecting a study-away venue.  The department is ready to advise in the making of those choices based on academic justifications, artistic resources, facilities and socially conscientious considerations. An informed and knowledgeable student is better equipped to benefit from the experience and we encourage close dialogue with your departmental adviser on the rationale of choice.

Your departmental adviser will also help in the transition back to campus life, assess your creative experience, discuss your critical influences and acquired knowledge, and also assist in the process of understanding cultural transitions which you may experience upon return.
Hopefully, considerations on study away began after an informational session in the first-year seminar and continued with subsequent decisions on language study and choice of majors and minors disciplines.

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Meet the Art Department faculty advisers:

Associate Professor Chris Barnard

Associate Professor Greg Bailey

Professor Timothy McDowell

Professor Denise Pelletier

Professor Andrea Wollensak

Associate Professor Nadav Assor

Associate Professor Pamela Marks

Your adviser will help you sort through the approximately 160 College-approved study-away programs and institutions available. More information is available through the Office of Study Away in Fanning Hall room 113 and by arranging a meeting with Director Shirley Parson.

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