The departments of Biology, Botany, Chemistry and Psychology offer other majors related to the biological sciences major.

Behavioral neuroscience major

This interdisciplinary major fosters an understanding of the neural basis of behavior, which requires some basic understanding of chemistry, psychology, philosophy, molecular biology and cellular biology.

Biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology major

This interdisciplinary major focuses on the importance of the interdisciplinary nature of modern biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, chemistry, botany and biology.

Botany major

The botany major requires a core of courses that provides a strong foundation in biology. Beyond this core, electives allow you to focus your major on basic aspects of field or laboratory botany, or on the use of plants in landscape design.

Environmental studies major

Also an interdisciplinary major, environmental studies lets you examine environmental issues using a multidisciplinary approach through the integration of classroom, laboratory, field and study-away experiences.

Related center for interdisciplinary scholarship

Goodwin-Niering Center for the Environment

The Goodwin-Niering Center is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary program that builds on one of the nation's leading undergraduate environmental studies programs. The Center fosters research, education, and curriculum development aimed at understanding contemporary ecological challenges.