Arabic Studies invites visiting scholars from various disciplines to discuss key events pertaining to the Arab world with students, faculty and the College community. Students have the opportunity to interact with the scholars and learn from their expertise.

As an example, Arabic Studies invited scholar Abdullah Hasan, who spoke about life in Libya before and after the revolution. Mr. Hasan told the story of his escape with his wife in a 23-hour trip through the Libyan Desert when the battles escalated. His talk provided a unique eyewitness perspective of the trajectory of the revolution inside Libya.

Arabic Studies also hosted a lecture on indoctrination in Mubarak’s Egypt, which examined the ideological status of government-sponsored children’s literature in Egypt before the 2011 uprising.

Arabic studies students graduation from the Jordan Summer Program. Professors Muhammad Masud and Waed Athamneh with students at the Jordan Summer Program graduation ceremony: Tim Morril '16, Zachary Balomenos '14, Michael Fratt '15, Reshma Shah '14, Kaitlyn Garbe '15, Chris Chen '15, Vanessa Correia '16, Christine Connolly '16, Kate Sullivan '16 and Emily Paragamian, at the Jordan University for Science and Technology.