The Classics Department offers courses in ancient Greek and Latin, and courses both in the original languages and in English on ancient literature, theater, history, philosophy and the relationship between antiquity and the post-ancient world.

For courses in Classics, Greek, and Latin, as well as courses in other departments related to Ancient Greece and Rome, view the College Catalog/Classics section:

  • Elementary Greek
  • Elementary Latin
  • Classical Mythology
  • Greek Oratory
  • Homer, Hesiod and Homeric Hymns
  • Latin Epic Poetry
  • Roman Drama
  • Ancient Comedy
  • Roman Foundation Myths
  • Greek Tragedy
  • The Roman Word
  • Romans, Barbarians and Children of Abraham
  • Roman Political Culture
  • The Age of Augustus
  • Beauty Stand Still Here
  • Classical Mythology in Western Art

The faculty in the Classics Department are active scholars with varied interests who regularly develop new courses to explore their scholarly interests, meet the needs and curiosities of their students, and stay abreast of current developments in the field.

Suggestions for new courses from classics majors, minors, and the student body at large (as well as colleagues in other departments) are always welcome.