Jewish Studies is the study of the history, culture and religion of Jewish people, past and present, across the globe. The minor in Jewish Studies brings together faculty from a variety of academic disciplines who work closely with students to study and analyze topics related to Jews and Judaism in a variety of social and political contexts. Students may opt to study the Hebrew language to complement their understanding of Jewish history and culture. A minor in Jewish Studies provides a foundation to thrive in a variety of majors and/or Pathways.

Students completing a minor in Jewish Studies will:

  • Gain an overarching understanding of Jewish thought, customs and traditions;
  • Become familiar with different disciplinary approaches and interpretive frameworks;
  • Develop close reading skills through engagement with core Jewish texts;
  • Refine their ability to express themselves in writing.

Special Opportunities

The Jewish Studies minor can be combined with any major. There are no specific language requirements for Jewish Studies, however you can take one Hebrew course for credit toward the fulfillment of the minor. With the approval of the program director, courses completed at other institutions and study away courses may be counted toward the minor requirements.

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