Elizabeth C. Evans Prize

The Elizabeth C. Evans Prize is named in honor of a former member of the Connecticut College classics department. It is awarded each year to a student who, in the opinion of the classics department faculty, has done exceptional work in classics.

2019 - Emily Helen Lelacheur '19

2018 - Meridan Mackenzie Cavanaugh '18

2017 - Lindsey Jane Nelson '17

2016 - Benjamin Colby Nadell '16

2015 - Molly Rose Ashmore '15

2014 - Becca K. Napolitano '15 

2013 - Katharine Elizabeth McCain '13 

2012 - Travis Hayward Lynch '12


Dirk tom Dieck Held Memorial Award

The Dirk tom Dieck Held Memorial Award is named in honor of Dirk t.D. Held, the late Elizabeth S. Kruidenier '48 Professor of Classics. Each year it is awarded to a student at the College who, in the opinion of the classics faculty, has excelled in the classical languages.

2019 - Bailey Elizabeth Mertz '19

2018 - Jing Liang '18

2017 - Alina Josephine Johnson '17

2016 - Maximillian Converse Wood Bender '16

2015 - Brian Timothy Kahn Bakkala '15

2014 - Kelsie Marie Fralick '15 

2013 - Becca K. Napolitano '15 

2012 - Travis Hayward Lynch '12


Arabic Studies Student Excellence Award

Awarded for excellence in Arabic studies.

2019 - Julia Lynn Reilly '19

2018 - Veronica Alejandro '18

2017 - Kerry Lynn Dugandzic '18

2016 - Vanessa Anne Correia '16

2015 - Christopher Michael Chen '15

2014 - Molly Vatis '14 


Honors Study in Classics

If you have a deep interest and the motivation in classics, and you meet the standards set by the College and the classics department, you have the opportunity to do an Honors Study, an in-depth research in close coordination with a faculty member. An honors thesis provides the opportunity for students to pursue original work on a topic of their choice, with the supervision and guidance of a departmental member. Please refer to the Honors Study in Classis section.

Students who have completed their junior year with a 3.5 average in their major courses at or above the 200 level are eligible for Honors study (Classics 497-498) in their senior year. After consultation with and acceptance by the department in the spring of the junior year, the student will choose a topic for a year-long honors project to be undertaken in the senior year. Successful completion of the project leads to the award of Honors in the Major Field.

Visit the Honors/Independent Study section for more information on Honors Study and the College's official guidelines.