Our students apply what they learn here in many original pieces of research. Please see the Honors Study section.

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Here are some recent areas of research by economics faculty:

  • Candace Howes, Hogate Ferrin '43 Chair in Labor and the International Economy and Professor of Economics, is shifting her focus to New England and a study of long-term care workforce development as an economic development strategy.
  • Yongjin Park, Associate Professor, has been working on the problems of asymmetric information to understand the success and failure of various economic institutions in labor and credit markets. Recently, he has worked with David Chavanne, Assistant Professor of Economics, to examine the lying behavior and how it is related to a specific behavioral pattern called Inequality Aversion.
  • Purba Mukerji, Associate Professor of Economics, studies issues facing developing countries in their decision to liberalize policies in order to gain closer integration with the global economy. The aim of her research is to draw on the international experience of nations in various stages of development to glean the best sequencing of economic reform policies to maximize the benefit to the nation while minimizing disruption and cost.
  • Terry-Ann Craigie, Associate Professor of Economics, examines social and economic inequities facing vulnerable populations as a whole. The current focus of her research rests with equity issues facing the U.S. correctional population, the majority of whom are young racial-ethnic minority males. Currently, she uses quasi-experimental methods to measure the national impact of public sector Ban the Box policies on the public sector employment of convicted individuals and young low-skilled minority males.