Our students apply what they learn here in many original pieces of research. Please see the Honors/Independent Study section.

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Here are some recent areas of research by economics faculty:

  • Candace Howes, Hogate Ferrin '43 Chair in Labor and the International Economy, and Associate Professor of Economics, is shifting her focus to New England and a study of long-term care workforce development as an economic development strategy.
  • Donald Peppard, Professor of Economics, while directing a SATA Vietnam program, engaged his students in gathering data about roving street vendors in Hanoi for an eventual book. He is directing SATA Vietnam 2008.
  • Spencer Pack, Professor of Economics, has been presenting nationally and internationally on Ancient Greek economics and the history of economic thought.
  • Assistant Professor of Economics Yongjin Park's short-term research interest is to understand and explain the social inequalities, especially income inequality and disadvantages of the poor, in a credit market.

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