We've asked our students to complete a questionnaire about their recent summer study experience in Germany. You can learn more about these students' experiences by viewing the questionnaire and reading their personal comments.

Nathaniel Wiley '09, English and philosophy major, Max Weber (BW-Exchange) program, Heidelberg, Summer 2007

Marley Wertheimer '09, psychology-based human relations and German studies major, Berlin, Summer 2006, and Heidelberg, Summer2007

Renata Shypailo '08, German, classics and government major, Sommersprachkurs (BW-Exchange), Tubingen, Summer 2006

Michael Panoli '08, German studies and history major, Winter University (BW-Exchange), Stuttgart, Summer 2007

Soren Gabrielsen '07, German studies and philosophy major, Sprachlehrinstitut (BW-Exchange), Freiburg, Summer 2005

Joe Larkin '07, economics, psychology and German major, Deutsch als Fremdsprache,(through the College's John S. King Scholarship), Bremen, Summer 2005