As a student in German studies, you will have small classes and lots of interaction with faculty and opportunity for independent study at the upper levels. During your time at Connecticut College, you will also participate in all aspects of department life: at the daily language table, attending lectures, talks and film screenings, going to Oktoberfest and other festivities, serving on the Student Advisory Board, and taking in the always-popular theater performances.

Among your fellow students, you will likely meet those with quite different backgrounds and interests and thus very divergent motivations for studying German. As often as not, you will learn more from them than you will from your classes.

In recent years, many of our students have been successful in gaining a Fulbright scholarship to Germany. Some are straight German majors, others are minors, though most are double majors. Their fields range from American studies, economics, and international relations to philosophy, history, religion, and environmental studies.

Want to know what it's like to spend a summer, or semester, a full-year abroad or do an internship in a German-speaking land? Read what our students say about their study-away experiences for a semester, for summer study, a yearlong stay or performing an internship.