Government and International Relations


"May you live in interesting times," says the old Chinese adage. Our times are certainly interesting, both at home and abroad, and Connecticut College government and international relations majors gain a deeper understanding of political, economic, and other factors that influence the course of events.

Our department is strong, with talented and dedicated faculty. We all love to teach, and as teacher-scholars we bring cutting-edge scholarship into our courses. We support undergraduate research through the supervision of independent studies and honors theses, and we take academic advising very seriously. Finally, our faculty offer a great diversity in areas of expertise and pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning.

Two Majors: Government and International Relations

The government and international relations department offers two majors.

The government major requires ten courses in government, including at least one in each of the standard fields of political science: United States politics, comparative politics, international politics, and political theory.

International relations (IR) is an interdisciplinary major administered by the government department. It requires six government courses (including at least one in each of three fields: international politics, foreign policy, and comparative politics); an economics course that focuses on international economics; a history course; two additional non-government courses; and a higher proficiency in a foreign language.

In addition to our course offerings, the department sponsors numerous lectures, panel discussions, and debates. These events are open to the entire campus community, providing opportunities for them to meet and interact with our faculty as well as prominent visitors from other universities, the policy world, and journalism.