Every year Connecticut College recognizes four outstanding professors for their accomplishments in teaching, research, leadership, and inspiration. The Dean of the Faculty announces the recipients of the awards at the end of each academic year.

The Nancy Batson Nisbet Rash Research Award and the John S. King Memorial Teaching Award are among the highest honors the College bestows on its faculty. Both awards are named in memory of distinguished Connecticut College professors. Recent Rash Award Recipients include:  David Dorfman, Cathy Stock, Michelle Dunlap, Ann Devlin, and Sunil Bhatia. Recent King Award winners include:  Jillian Marshall, Karen Gonzalez Rice, Sabrina Notarfrancisco, Ross Morin, and Warren Johnson.

The Helen B. Regan Faculty Leadership Award was established in fall 2006 in honor of Helen Regan, professor emeritus of education. The award recognizes faculty members who exemplify the College's commitment to shared governance, democratic process and campus community development. Recent Recipients include: Christopher Hammond, Afshan Jafar, Midge Thomas, Lisa Wilson, and Tristan Borer.

The Helen Mulvey Faculty Award, was created in 2012 and is presented to a faculty member who excels at engaging students intellectually and teaching them to love learning. Recent Recipients include: Carla Parker-Athill, Ariella Rotramel, Ginny Anderson, Monika Lopez-Anuarbe, and Tanya Schneider.