As a psychology major at Connecticut College, you'll be able to study a diverse set of specialized areas such as clinical, social, and experimental psychology. You'll also develop a strong foundation of research skills.

Classes are interactive and hands-on, and you'll get to know your professors well. There are opportunities to learn outside the classroom, too, through internships and service at local social services agencies and mental health institutions.

The psychology department offers more than 35 courses. This broad selection reflects the diverse scholarly interests of our faculty, from children's mental health to behavioral neuroscience and environmental psychology.

Besides the psychology major, our department also administers the interdisciplinary Behavioral Neuroscience major, which is designed to foster an understanding of the neural basis of behavior.

The department offers a diverse set of research experiences, including faculty-led research groups.

For its commitment to service both on campus and off, Connecticut College's Department of Psychology has been honored with the 2013 American Psychological Association's (APA) Culture of Service Award. (Feb. 2014)