Lee Strasberg Institute Scholarship

In honor of Lee and Anna Strasberg in recognition of the liberal arts as a foundation for lifetime learning and the values it offers to the study of theater, this award is a full tuition scholarship to the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York City.

2016 - Brittany Gail Baltay '16

2015 - Terilyn Elise Eisenhauer '15 

2014 - Julia Morgan Larsen '14

2013 - Elizabeth Martin Dell Buxton '13

2012 - Shani Yolonda Brown '12


Crabtree Award

In recognition of Jim and Ann Crabtree and their foundational efforts in developing the Theater Program at Connecticut College, this award is given by fellow students to a senior who is recognized for dedicated involvement and outstanding work in all capacities of theater at Connecticut College.

2017 - Lana Rose Richards '17 

2016 - Teresa Maria Cruz '16

2015 - Leila R. Teitelman '15

2014 - Julia Morgan Larsen '14

2013 - Talia Rose Curtin '13

2012 - Margaret Cameron Dolben '12


Linda Herr Excellence in Theater Award

In recognition of Professor Emeritus Linda Herr’s outstanding leadership in establishing the theater major and department at Connecticut College, this honor is given to a senior major for outstanding leadership, theater citizenship, work ethic, and generous contributions to the discipline.

2017 - Eva Louise Murray '17 

2016 - Teresa Maria Cruz '16

2015 - Terilyn Elise Eisenhauer '15

2014 - Julia Morgan Larsen '14

2013 - Molly Rose Clifford '13

2012 - Kristin Amy Hutchins '12 


Theater & Advocacy Award

This honor is given to a senior major or minor whose outstanding work in theater strongly reflects the mission of Connecticut College to educate students “to put the liberal arts into action as citizens in a global society.”

2016 - Mattie Welles Barber-Bockelman '16 

2016 - Rachel Hilary Maddox '16


Morris Carnovsky Award

In recognition of actor and master teacher Morris Carnovsky, founding member of The Group Theater and Connecticut College Visiting Professor from 1978-1989, this award is given to a senior major for outstanding work in their chosen focus, and for dedication to the art, craft, and theory of theater.

2017 - Emily Sarah Ultan '17

2016 - Charlotte Underwood Weber '16