Research in theater takes the form of dramaturgical scholarship as well as creative investigation for performance purposes. The department encourages its students to pursue research opportunities in collaboration with faculty, and independently. We support honors theses in the senior year, which are two-semester independent studies that combine research and performance, culminating in written theses and production, where appropriate.

Get a head start on planning your or research opportunity by visiting the career office early in your first year and attending the interdisciplinary centers information sessions. Shain Library offers theater research resources.

Honors/ Independent Study

Theater students may expand on the theater curriculum by engaging in independent studies and honors projects that allow them to delve more deeply into areas of theater that particularly interest them. Senior majors may undertake these as a capstone project, meant as a culmination of their work and specific focus in theater during their academic career. 

Senior Major Capstones

Each year, senior majors have an opportunity to produce or collaborate on a project, representing a culmination of their work in the major. Possibilities include solo performance, an advanced directing or playwriting project, a design project or a major research paper. These capstones are undertaken as major independent studies or honors theses, are faculty mentored, and provide opportunities for other students as well. If you are interested in proposing a capstone project for your senior year, you should plan on developing your concept during the spring of your junior year, with faculty consultation.

See past theater capstone projects. 

Student-Faculty Research

There are dozens of opportunities for student-faculty research in theater, and the College and the department are eager to support student initiative in this area.

ConnSSHARP, the Connecticut College Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts Research Program, offers summer research stipends in the humanities and social sciences. The stipends are offered on a competitive basis, and the summer research projects typically are followed by research during the academic year.  

Some courses, such as the Sophomore Research Seminar, also offer funded summer research opportunities for select students.

Learn more about student research opportunities.

Funded Internships

The Hale Center for Career Development offers funded summer internship opportunities which many students use to connect their major interest with practical research in the field. Courses such as the sophomore research seminar offer funded summer research opportunities for select students.