Connecticut College is the founding academic partner and college of record for all of the six programs offered by the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center’s National Theater Institute:

  • National Theater Institute (NTI)
  • National Music Theater Institute (NMTI)
  • Advanced Directing Semester (AD)
  • Advanced Playwriting Semester (AP)
  • Theatermakers Summer Intensive (TM) - Waterford, Connecticut
  • Moscow Art Theater Semester (MATS) in Moscow, Russia

NTI, NMTI, MATS, Advanced Directing and Advanced Playwriting offer an intensive semester program providing students with a unique opportunity to experience the rigors and standards of professional theater within the context of a liberal arts experience. The Theatermakers Summer Intensive offers a six-week immersion in training with professional observerships at the National Playwrights and Music Theater Conferences. At the end of each program, grades are reported to Connecticut College. Connecticut College issues an official transcript and forwards it to the student’s college or university registrar upon request.

For Connecticut College approved course descriptions and more information on each program, please visit NTI website.

It is recommended that if a student completes a semester away, it should be taken in the junior year.