The online registration system opens to students based on their class year during pre-registration (November/April). Access continues 24 hours/day until the system closes on the last day of exams. The online registration system re-opens just prior to the start of the next semester, in time for the Add/Delete Period. Information about the specific dates that students will register is available here.

Once the system re-opens at the start of the semester, it remains open until the end of the Add Period. During the Limited Add Period, all Adds and Deletes require an Add/Drop/Withdrawal Form.

Permission - Students will not be able to register online for courses requiring permission. Students will need to submit Add/Drop/Withdrawal Forms in order to register. For courses that are open to particular certificate program participants only, departments or programs should submit registration lists.

Restrictions - Class year, major and enrollment limit restrictions are enforced in Self Service. Students who do not meet the restrictions need to submit an Add/Drop/Withdrawal Form.

Prerequisites - The form includes space for the student to list the courses for which he or she would like to register and how the prerequisites were met. If you think a student has not met the prerequisites for a course, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

Add Forms (Add/Drop/Withdrawal Forms) are required in the following instances:

  • The course's catalog description notes that permission is required
  • The course's description notes restrictions to class year or majors
  • The course is full (closed)
  • The Add occurs during the Limited Add Period.

Every student with a signed form will be registered by the office: the instructor must keep track to determine if the course has available spots.

Reserving Seats
Self Service allows for reserving a specific number of seats for specific class years and/or majors. Seat reservations must comply with the enrollment limits stated in the course's catalog listing. Instructors have an opportunity to include seat reservation information with the teaching schedules submitted to the Office of the Registrar.


If you will be away during advising, your advisees must be reassigned since only assigned advisers have access to students' PINs. Students cannot register online without their pins.

  • Declared majors, please contact your department chair
  • Undeclared majors, please contact the student's dean.

If the change of adviser is permanent, the student should submit a new Declaration of Major form signed by the new adviser. If the change is temporary (i.e. to cover a sabbatical), please submit a list to the Office of the Registrar of new adviser assignments that will be in effect during the leave period.

If the student is away, advising for students on Study Away, SATA or re-entry from leave should take place via email. Please include the PIN in the correspondence.

If the student's account is on hold, you may still release the PIN to the student. Please note that the student will not be able to register until the hold has been cleared. As soon as the hold is cleared, the student will be able to use the PIN to register as usual.

Overpointing is not available during prereg. Eligible students may overpoint during the Add/Delete Period. Please refer to the catalog for further information on overpointing.