See the world in new ways

Connecticut College offers a different kind of liberal arts education. We prepare students to be intellectually courageous, inventive, resourceful and resilient. 

Since its founding in 1911, Connecticut College has built on the liberal arts tradition—the arts, humanities and sciences—to anticipate where 21st century careers are headed.

Whatever your interests, a liberal arts education at Conn prepares you to make connections between various disciplines: Combine dance with behavioral neuroscience, tie music to economics, or add studio art to computer science. Conn graduates enter the world ready to face local and global challenges with the skills needed to make a lasting impact.

Our curriculum sets us apart

Our innovative approach to education, Connections, combines everything you do at Conn—your classes, your major, your internship and your activities outside of class—into experiences that will guide your career and shape your life.

We offer more than 1,000 courses in 56 majors, minors and certificate programs, as well as five centers for interdisciplinary scholarship. A 9:1 student-to-teacher average ratio allows a free flow of ideas and hands-on learning. And about 93 percent of our faculty members hold doctoral degrees, and are renowned scholars and artists in their fields.

Take part in undergraduate research

As an undergraduate at Conn, you will have many opportunities to conduct research with faculty. Research can lead to co-authorship of scholarly papers and presentations at academic conferences. Financial support through grants is available for summer research or more in-depth, year-long proposals. Science research facilities include the Science Center at New London Hall, the state-of-the-art home for life sciences and computer science exploration.

Conn prepares you for life beyond college

Connecticut College graduates have the ability to think analytically and logically in order to develop creative ideas. In a world that is increasingly complex, these skills are essential for success in a variety of fields, from business to the arts. And whether your future plans include a pursuing a doctorate at Harvard or innovating at Microsoft, the Hale Center for Career Development and our network of alumni will help you reach your goals and keep your degree working long after graduation.