Liz Barnett
History with a thematic concentration in rebellion, revolution and social movements, minor in Latin American studies
Transferred from: Bucknell University
Campus involvement:
Women’s rowing team; concert band; history student advisory board; Human Rights Now; Cambiando Vidas (students who travel to the Dominican Republic during winter break to build hurricane-safe houses); writing center tutor

Liz Barnett, transfer student "I wanted a school with a tight-knit community where professors were extremely accessible and students and professors could really develop meaningful relationships in a small classroom environment. ... My transition to Connecticut College could not have gone any smoother. Without even asking, students here were quick to invite me to join them, whether it be going to dinner, seeing a movie, inviting me to get involved in organizations on campus, to just hanging out in the dorm."

Adam Miller
Transferred from: George Washington University
Campus involvement: CELS (career office); Project KBA (Kids, Books and Athletics—promoting reading and physical fitness for kids); Cadenza (literary magazine); House Council; floor governor

Adam Miller, transfer student

"I wanted to be in a more intimate classroom setting where I could participate in roundtable discussions and this was certainly an area where Connecticut College fit the bill. I visited a handful of liberal arts colleges, but my visit to Connecticut College really stood out because of the friendliness of everyone here. While my parents and I ate lunch in the cafeteria during our visit, a few students decided to come over and join us. Also, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like the idea being able to see the water every day." 

Galen Byrne
Transferred from: Mount Holyoke College
Campus involvement: Tutor in a New London middle school classroom

Galen Byrne, transfer student

"I transferred to Connecticut College for the strong academics and the close-knit campus community. I was also impressed with the College’s art and teacher certification programs. ... My professors have been encouraging in the classroom and have checked in on me from time to time to see how I am adjusting to life at Connecticut College. To be at a college where the professors genuinely care about each student's life – as well as academic progress – is really special." 

Sarah Knowles, transfer student Sarah Knowles
Double Major:
Architectural Studies, Art History
Transferred from: Smith College
Campus involvement: Field hockey, lacrosse

"One of the main reasons for me choosing Connecticut College was because of its strong arts programs, especially its interdisciplinary architecture major. I knew I wanted to remain at a relatively small school and receive a great education from top-notch professors . . . and be engaged in class discussions with my professors and other students who were passionate about the subject matter. Students here are very serious about their school work and are determined to do well. . . The group of people that made the transition easier for me was the field hockey team. They were really welcoming and became my family. . . Connecticut College is  the perfect match for anyone who is looking for a strong, competitive liberal arts college with a great location and a friendly and outgoing community."