What’s your reason for supporting Connecticut College?

In honor of the Centennial, the theme for the Annual Fund in 2010-11 was "100 Years, 100 Reasons." The Annual Fund invited people who made gifts to also jot down their reasons for supporting the College.

Alumni, parents and students submitted more than 100 reasons. They include:·

  • “CC did a great job of forming me during my formative years!”
  • “It made an interesting, meaningful life possible!”
  • “CC provided me with excellent scientific background and gave me the tools to become a critical and curious thinker.”

"The response has been tremendous," said Ellen Anderson, director of annual giving programs. "The Centennial is resonating with people. And I think they welcome the opportunity to say what it is that they love about Connecticut College."

The reasons were highlighted in publications -- both print and online -- through the year.

If you haven't given yet, we invite you to make a gift. The giving form includes a place to provide your reason.