Executive Board

CC Curtis, Chair

Lynne Crider, Chair-Elect

Mel Coats, Vice Chair

Lorraine McKinney, Secretary



Kate Bengtson, Information Services Division

Mel Coats, Admission/Financial Aid Division

Lynne Crider, Advancement Division

CC Curtis, Dean of Students Division

Patricia Dallas, Dean of the College Division

Seamus Denniston, Dean of Students Division

Dulmarie Irizarry, Institutional Equity and Inclusion Division

Anne Kelley, Finance and Administration Division

Nancy Lowendowski, PPBC Hourly Representative

Steve Luber, Dean of the Faculty Division

Amy Martin, Communications Division

Nick McCarthy, Facilities Management Division

Lorraine McKinney, Information Services Division

Geoff Norbert, Dean of Students Division

John Nugent, Dean of Faculty/President's Office Divisions

Rob Richter, PPBC Salaried Representative

Heidi Sajkowicz, Finance and Administration Division

Alex Starr, Dining Services Division

Bruce Valenti, Dean of the Faculty/President's Office/Academic Dept. Assistants Divisions



Kelly Slack, Human Resources