An honor code that defines a community

At a lot of colleges and universities, honor codes are mostly concerned with how you behave when you write a paper or take a test. Our nearly 100-year-old Honor Code is much more: it emphasizes the collective responsibility we have to each other.

Created by students in 1922, the Honor Code ensures that “trust” at Conn really stands for something: a shared bond, a way of life.

You'll hear a lot about "shared governance"

You’ll hear a lot about "shared governance" at Conn. It means the perspectives of our entire campus community—students, faculty, staff and administrators—are valued in the College’s decision-making processes. It’s the opportunity—and the responsibility—to fully participate in deciding about what really matters.

Shared governance also means students like you serve on major committees on campus, including those that help determine the College’s budget priorities, consider educational changes and manage sustainability.