The Board of Trustees has charged the Presidential Search Committee with identifying and recommending the 12th president of Connecticut College. The Search Committee is partnering with the executive search firm WittKieffer to gather input from the Conn community, including senior administrators, faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends of the College, and to create a position profile that helps identify candidates for the next president. The Search Committee has provided a basic timeline for the search and will provide regular updates during the process. The Conn community also can communicate directly with the Search Committee to provide feedback and nominations of potential candidates. The Search Committee will evaluate applicants, interview the top candidates and recommend a finalist to the Board of Trustees.

Guiding Principles of the Committee

Priority: We are a 15-member committee with representatives from faculty, staff, students, and trustees selected by each constituency as individuals well-suited to serve in this significant role. We pledge to make this Committee a top priority until the search is completed.

Respect: We each bring a variety of experiences and perspectives to the Committee. We pledge to listen, learn, and engage respectfully with each other during the selection process and will do our best to balance the perspectives of Conn’s broad and varied constituencies while remaining focused on the College’s mission and needs as a whole.

Confidentiality: As candidates consider the opportunity of serving as our next president, we must respect and maintain confidentiality. Most candidates are likely to be currently serving at senior levels of other institutions, and they will require confidentiality to explore Conn’s opportunity without jeopardizing their current role. In addition, our committee has a shared understanding that internal meeting discussions remain confidential before any decision has been reached. This is to uphold the integrity of the search process and create a safe space for honest and open dialogue.