Welcome to Student Accessibility Services!

We work with students with disabilities to assist them in fully participating in and having access to all of the programs and activities of the College. Student Accessibility Services is the only designated office at the College for students to voluntarily disclose a disability(ies), submit appropriate documentation for verification, and request reasonable accommodations. Our office coordinates and provides accommodations and support services to students with all types of disabilities. The College appreciates that each individual is unique; therefore, the access needs of each student who registers with Student Accessibility Services are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Services Offered

  • Reasonable academic and residential accommodations
  • Assistive technology consultation and support
  • Self-advocacy coaching and support groups
  • Collaboration with Academic Resource Center specialists to facilitate support
  • Coordination with campus offices to ensure accessibility
  • Referrals to campus services
  • Consultation and professional development to campus departments