Welcome to Connecticut College! The following information is to help you as you make the transition to college and to better understand how Student Accessibility Services can support you.

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Parent FAQ

What is my role as a parent of a college student with a disability?

Parents and family have spent their son’s or daughter’s lifetime being a key aspect of their child’s support system, and your support can continue. However, college is a time for your support to look very different.  College students must be challenged in a way that produces growth and development. Appropriate parental involvement must take place within these boundaries and while keeping in mind the long term best interest of the emerging young adult. Such involvement as it relates to college life most often involves advising and encouraging your student as they grow and make their own educated decisions.

Will I be able to speak with Student Accessibility Services staff about my child?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) does not allow students’ academic information to be discussed without their permission, except amongst school officials with a legitimate educational interest. This means that SAS, by law, can only discuss a student's school-related issues with a parent once a student has signed a Release of Information consent form that lists the name, address, phone, and email of any parent and/or medical professional with whom the student grants SAS staff permission to speak. This Release can be revoked by the student, in writing, at any time.

Even if a student signs a release, SAS strongly encourages students to be aware of all information discussed with parents.

Can I request accommodations for my college student?

All requests for accommodations must come directly from the student.