Campus Safety

Of utmost importance is the personal safety of each and every student, on and off-campus, as well as the safety of faculty, staff and visitors to Connecticut College.

We have taken a number of steps to help provide for a safe environment. Among them:

  • installation of security phones
  • improved lighting
  • escorts/safewalks
  • an officer and student patrol program

Campus Safety has 17 full-time officers and dispatchers, and four on-call officers. Our security officers patrol the campus on foot and in a security vehicle 24 hours a day.

Our field office is located at the main gate by Fanning Hall. Campus Safety officers staff the gatehouse 24 hours a day. They answer phone calls directed to security, including calls from the security phones located throughout the campus, and are in constant contact with security personnel via radio.

The Campus Safety main office is located at Nichols House in the South Parking Lot, which houses the Director of Campus Safety.

New Camel Card office  

College community members should go to the new Camel Card office (860-439-2250) in the College Center at Crozier-Williams for:

  • keys
  • motor vehicle registration and parking tags
  • Camel Cards 

College community members should continue to go to Nichols House for the following services:

Connecticut College's Security Policy and Crime Statistics are available in hard copy at the Campus Safety Office and on this website.

Contact Information:

Campus Safety Office
Phone: 860-439-2251

Campus Safety Officers:

Email Stewart Smith,

Campus Safety Office
Nichols House, South Campus

Gatehouse, main College entrance