Bicycle registration

Members of the community are encouraged to register their bicycles at no cost. You will be provided with a numbered sticker to place on the bicycle and the bicycle's serial number and pertinent data will be recorded on the registration form and kept on file at the Campus Safety office.

Bicycle Registration Form

Property identification program

Members of the community are encouraged to keep a list with descriptions and serial numbers of their valuables (i.e. computers, televisions, stereos, etc.). The Property Identification Form is retained by the owner and should be kept in a secure place. A copy is kept on file with Campus Safety. Students can check out an engraver so that their license number or other identifying mark can be placed on their property.

Personal Property Registration Form

Safety tips

  • Lock your bicycle, even if it is just for a few minutes.
  • Lock your bicycle inside a building or a well-lighted area.
  • Secure your bicycle, frame and wheels, to something solid. Do not merely lock your bicycle to itself.
  • Register your bicycle as soon as possible. By registering your bicycle with Campus Safety, your bicycle's serial number and description are recorded and kept on file. If the bicycle is stolen and recovered, it can be returned to you.
  • List all of your valuables with descriptions and serial numbers on the Property Identification Form.
  • Place identifying marks on your valuables. Lock your door at all times even if you are leaving for just a few minutes.
  • If your room is on the ground floor, lock your windows at all times.
  • Report suspicious persons and vehicles to Campus Safety immediately at 860-439-2222.

Key policy

Keys cannot be accepted for return at the gatehouse. Keys can be deposited in the campus mail slot at the campus post office in Crozier-Williams at any time. There will be a supply of envelopes there.

If you are turning in keys, please record your name, building and room number on the envelope, place the key in the envelope, seal it and deposit in the campus mail slot.

College community members should go to the Camel Card Office in the College Center at Crozier-Williams for:

  • Keys
  • Motor vehicle registration and parking tags
  • Camel Cards (College IDs) 

Please go to the Campus Safety office in the Service Building, south campus, for:

  • Lost and found items
  • Ticket/parking violation appeal forms (also available at the gatehouse)