Shelter In Place

In certain situations – such as a weather emergency, environmental hazard (chemical release, air pollution), or local emergency (nearby police activity), College officials may direct you to shelter in place. A shelter in place is the use of a structure and its indoor atmosphere to temporarily separate you from a hazardous outdoor atmosphere. This can be because of a hazardous material incident, or perhaps a weather-related emergency. It entails closing all doors, windows, and vents and taking immediate shelter in a readily accessible location. The purpose of a shelter in place is to direct the community to safer locations to avoid the hazard and to keep campus arteries clear for emergency use. When it is necessary to shelter in place, you should:

  • Remain calm
  • If you are outside, seek cover in the nearest building. Do not wait until you see or smell the hazard to seek shelter. Resist the urge to go outside and “check it out”.
  • Once inside, find an interior room or hallway and await further instructions. Stay away from exterior windows.
  • Close and lock all exterior doors and windows (to avoid inadvertent opening).
  • Turn off heating, cooling and ventilation systems.
  • If you are inside, stay there, even if you do not normally work or reside in that building.
  • Do not leave until an “all clear” is received.