The Stern Experience places you at the precise center of global business — physically, intellectually, and culturally. As an NYU Stern student, you will enjoy unrivaled access to global corporations, institutions, and markets. Both in and out of the classroom, you will interact directly with the leading minds and most influential movers and shakers of the Manhattan business community. And in the uniquely supportive environment of NYU Stern's Greenwich Village campus, you'll acquire the knowledge, skills, experience, and networks you need to achieve your fullest potential.

Summer Institutes

Summer Institute for General Management

Launch Your Career

The Summer Institute for General Management offers college juniors, seniors, and recent graduates a unique opportunity to build critical business skills. As a Summer Institute participant, you will learn from and interact with the same outstanding faculty who teach in Stanford 's world-renowned MBA program. During this rigorous residential program, you will gain the academic training and interpersonal skills you need to position yourself for a successful career in business. You will emerge from the Summer Institute for General Management with a foundation in management disciplines, ready to excel in the workplace.

Summer Institute for Entrepreneurship

Launch Your Business

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? If you're a graduate student, come to Stanford and learn what it takes to develop an idea into a successful venture. You will gain an intimate knowledge of the processes and challenges that face any entrepreneur. In the process, you will acquire both the hard skills (such as finance, marketing, and accounting) and soft skills (such as public speaking, leadership, and networking) needed to excel in a business environment. Surrounded by a dynamic group of peers, experience the innovative culture of the world-famous Silicon Valley through visits with local entrepreneurs. The Summer Institute for Entrepreneurship offers the unique, enriching setting of Stanford and provides you with the necessary tools to get your business idea off the ground.

Business skills are valuable, no matter what you do with your life. The Tuck Business Bridge Program® is an intensive, career-focused program for juniors, seniors, and recent graduates of arts and sciences colleges. Give us four weeks, and we will give you the basics of accounting, marketing, finance, and leadership.

Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management

NOTE: This is a tuition-based program.

The accelerator is a summer business program at the Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management for undergraduates and recent grads. An accelerator is a bridge between the academic world and the business world. For four weeks, students learn business by doing business, combining “grab it and go” education from top Vanderbilt faculty with the opportunity to serve as consultants to top companies. At the conclusion of the program, Accelerator students possess the business acumen, skills and confidence to interact comfortably with leading corporate executives and network effectively.

Undergraduate students in all majors are eligible to apply for this hands-on business experience held in summer.

Questions and for further information:

Accelerator - Vanderbilt Summer Business Institute
p: 615.343.6291

The Washington Semester Program is the oldest, most prestigious, and well-known experiential education program in the world. In fact, we've been setting the standard for applied education since we hosted our first class of bright, ambitious college students in D.C. in 1947.

Wall Street Prep's flagship Self Study Program (study modules with fees) is an intensive step-by-step training program that equips students with the financial modeling skill set and experience they will actually need on the job. Wall Street Prep's programs are used by thousands of undergraduate students, MBAs, investment bankers, and other finance professionals seeking a competitive edge. CIEE Council on International Education Exchange

CIEE is the leading U.S. non-governmental international education organization. CIEE creates and administers programs that allow high school and university students and educators to study, volunteer, work and teach abroad.