Department Chair

Shani Collins-Achille, Associate Professor of Dance, Chair of the Dance Department

Shani Collins-Achille

Associate Professor of Dance, Chair of the Dance Department

Dance theory and composition • West African dance and folklore • Somatic practices • Dance history


Rachel Boggia, Associate Professor of Dance

Rachel Boggia

Associate Professor of Dance

Multidisciplinary and mediated performance • Collaborative creations • Improvisation

David Dorfman, Professor of Dance

David Dorfman

Professor of Dance


Heidi Henderson, Professor of Dance

Heidi Henderson

Professor of Dance

Modern technique • Choreography • Improvisation • Anatomy • Dance writing

Shawn Hove, Assistant Professor of Dance

Shawn Hove

Assistant Professor of Dance

Dance production • Dance lighting • Mediated performance • Dance film • Dance documentation • Choreography • Dance technique

Shakia Johnson

Visiting Guest Artist

Lisa Race, Associate Professor of Dance

Lisa Race

Associate Professor of Dance

(On sabbatical, Fall 2018)

Post-modern dance technique • Dance improvisation • Composition and choreography

Rosemarie Roberts, Associate Professor of Dance, Bodies/Embodiment Pathway Coordinator

Rosemarie Roberts

Associate Professor of Dance, Bodies/Embodiment Pathway Coordinator, Co-Director of Residental Education Fellows

Body, knowledge, power and difference • Dance studies • Intersection of arts and social justice in education • Social psychology of performance and dance

Richard Schenk, Musician/Composer for Dance

Richard Schenk

Musician/Composer for Dance

Dance composition • Music for dance

Marya Ursin, Adjunct Instructor in Dance

Marya Ursin

Adjunct Instructor in Dance

Yoga • Mask, myth, movement

Tommy DeFrantz

Visiting Guest Artist

Susan Connelly

Adjunct Instructor of Dance

Kevin DeShields

Adjunct Instructor of Dance

Gregory Duda

Adjunct Instructor of Dance

Eleanor Goudie-Averill

Visiting Guest Artist

Shakia Johnson

Visiting Guest Artist


Aimee Couture

Academic Department Assistant

Jesus Andujar


Issa Coulibaly


Greg Surman

Media and Technology Specialist