The success of Connecticut College‚Äôs MMUF program will depend on the commitment of our faculty to mentor the Fellows and on the newly strengthened commitment of the institution to support and expand its community of faculty of color. With respect to mentoring, Connecticut College faculty are deeply committed to advising and maintaining close relationships with students inside and outside of the classroom.  Mentoring, however, is an important and emerging field in higher education, especially with respect to the development of non-traditional students.

Each fellow is paired with at least one faculty mentor; with whom s/he is expected to meet on a regular basis. Faculty mentors assist in developing the research skills of their fellows.

Faculty mentors assist in demystifying the formal and informal aspects of conducting research, applying to graduate school, completing effectively once in a graduate school and earning the doctorate to pursue a faculty career.

The co-coordinators meet regularly with faculty mentors for support and understanding of issues that might arise for the scholars.

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