Emeriti faculty and retired personnel are welcome to continue to use many of the same services always offered them.  If you have particular questions that are not addressed here, please contact Carrie Kent (ckent@conncoll.edu; 860-439-2444).

Borrowing Materials from Shain or Greer Library

There are no restrictions on the number of books or DVDs that may be borrowed.  Connecticut College Shain Library Policies and Greer Music Library Polices on overdue and lost materials continue to apply.

Interlibrary Loan

Emeriti faculty and retired personnel are welcome to use interlibrary loan services.  For more information, call 860-439-2667.


Emeriti faculty and retired personnel are welcome to visit the Shain Library or the Greer Library for reference assistance.  They may also call (860-439-2655), send email (refdesk@conncoll.edu) or text a question (860-787-5001).

Technology Services

Emeriti faculty and retired personnel retain access to the Connecticut College network, digital library materials, Google apps, and e-mail.  The IT Service Desk can assist with password or e-mail problems.   

The IT Service Desk is not able to provide software licenses, malware remediation, or provide other support for non-college owned computers.

The IT Service Desk is located on the lower level of Shain Library or it can be reached by calling 860-439-4357.  The IT Service Desk staff are unable to provide hardware support or software licenses for non-college-owned technology devices, however they can provide a list of local providers that are able to assist emeriti faculty and retired personnel with technology support.

Computers in the Library

Emeriti faculty and retired personnel can use their network access account to use the computers located throughout the library.

Special Collections and Archives 

The Linda Lear Center for Special Collections and Archives welcomes emeriti faculty and retired personnel to make use of the Center’s resources. All patrons are encouraged to make appointments in advance to ensure that resources can be made available in a timely fashion, although it is frequently possible to accommodate walk-in researchers. Contact learcenter@conncoll.edu to make an appointment.

We encourage emeriti faculty and retired personnel to deposit their research in Digital Commons, including conference papers, research data, manuscript versions of submitted articles, and in some cases, the final printed versions of journal articles. Interested individuals can contact Benjamin Panciera (860-439-2654) to discuss making their research openly available worldwide through the internet. 

Printing and Copying

Emeriti faculty and retired personnel must make special arrangements with their former department to obtain an account number in order to use the networked printers on campus.  Otherwise, there is a coin-operated copier, or, digital materials may be saved to USB drives or emailed for printing at home.  For more information on the printing and copying devices, Auxiliary Services can be reached at 860-439-2250