IMMEDIATELY notify the Director of Environmental Health and Safety at ext. 860-439-2252 for ALL spills, regardless of material, quantity or location.

After hours, call Campus Safety at ext. 860-439-2222.

The Director of EH&S will determine what spills can be cleaned up by College employees using the following criteria:

  • The physical and health hazards of the spilled material are known
  • Employee(s) have the training or expertise necessary to proceed safely
  • The amount and location of the spill is within the capability of College employees to handle
  • The necessary spill response supplies and equipment are available
  • The necessary safety/personal protective equipment are available

If the answer to ANY of these questions is "no," the area will be evacuated, and assistance from the New London Fire Department and/or a Spill Response Contractor will be requested.

See specific spill response procedures for asbestos, hazardous chemicals, mercury and oil and petroleum products.