The Connecticut College editorial style guide is a resource to ensure consistency in College communications. It should be used in conjunction with the Connecticut College visual identity manual found at

Consistency strengthens the overall presentation and image of the College and enhances how alumni, students, parents and others understand and support Connecticut College.

Download the Style Guide. In addition, the Visual Identity Quick Reference Sheet offers some common style examples.

This guide outlines common style, spelling, grammar and usage issues, including some that are specific to the College and some that are more general. Examples of usage are provided in italics within and below applicable entries. Use this guide when writing for Connecticut College communications, including the public website, print publications and electronic communications. It is not to be considered in any way a guide for academic writing.

The guide draws upon the widely used Associated Press (AP) Stylebook as the primary source because many official College communications are intended for external audiences. Even internal communications frequently are seen or used by external audiences. For questions that are not addressed in this Connecticut College guide, please refer to the AP Stylebook, Webster’s New World Dictionary, The Elements of Style or Wired Style. For other questions, please contact the Office of Communications at

The Office of Communications is responsible for supporting the quality and consistency of the Connecticut College image and reputation. We appreciate your cooperation in using these guidelines. The style guide will continue to evolve as AP and other standards change. If you have questions about any listings, or suggestions for additions, please contact the Office of Communications at