This site contains graphics resources for the College's visual identity. Please review the Visual Identity Quick Reference Sheet for graphics information, such as logo usage guidelines, color swatches, size requirements and information about fonts. Printed copies are available in the Office of Marketing and Communications. The College's Connecticut College Style Guide should be used in conjunction with the Visual Identity Manual.

How can I create stationery and posters using editable templates?

Here are the files and editable templates you need for posters. The Office of Printing and Mailing Services has templates for printed stationery, invitations, name tags and mailing labels. Please place your order with them directly.

What files do I need to download for the College logo?

First refer to the Visual Identity Manual (pdf) to determine what version of the logo you need. Each version is stored in a ZIP archive, which contains three image formats (JPG, PNG, EPS). You will need to extract these files from the ZIP archive and insert the appropriate file format into your document.

What are the image formats and what is the difference between them?

JPG (.jpg): JPG images are Mac and Windows compatible and work with all image software. JPGs are generated by a series of dots, which is why they become pixelated if incorrectly enlarged. This format should be used for Web, office and video applications.

PNG (.png): The PNG files have transparent backgrounds, but are still compatible with all Mac or Windows Microsoft Office, Web and video applications. PNG files may also become pixelated if incorrectly enlarged.

Encapsulated PostScript (.eps): EPS files should be used with QuarkXPress and the Adobe Creative Suite. Print vendors may require this image format. EPS files do not become pixelated when enlarged.

NOTE: All JPG and PNG files may appear to be very large on your screen because they are 300 dpi. Web resolution is 72 dpi. Both file formats were saved in the RGB color mode and should be converted to CMYK for printing.

Trademarks and Licensing

The name “Connecticut College” is a registered service mark of the College and may not be used by any outside entity or individual without prior written permission from the College. Similarly, the College Seal, Logo, Logo Signature, Athletics Logos and Vintage Camel Logo are valuable trademarks and service marks of the College and may not be used without prior written permission. For permission to use any of these marks, please contact Benjamin Parent, Director of Creative Services, at 860-439-2106.