During an emergency, our primary concern is communicating with those on the campus: students, faculty and staff.

The Connect-ED emergency alert system will be used to notify this population by sending voice and text messages and emails. (See Connect-ED FAQ.)

We will email parents follow-up information in an emergency. Make sure we have your email address — send it, along with your name and the name of your student, to parents@conncoll.edu.

There may also be information posted on this College website. It is important to remember that in the event of a true emergency, telephones — both land lines and cell phones — will be critical tools for those managing the situation.

Please refrain from calling the College for information and instead look for information through the website, emails and, when appropriate, Connect-ED messages.

Our pages on Facebook and Twitter (@ConnCollege, @ConnCollegeLive) may also provide additional information during an emergency.

Every effort will be made to keep parents well informed, but we will direct communications to the campus community first and will focus our resources on handling the emergency and keeping our community members safe.

Reaching your student in a family emergency

If you have a family emergency and can’t reach your student, call the dean of student life at 860-439-2825 during business hours or Campus Safety at 860-439-2222, any time of the day or night.