The Connecticut College Arboretum manages four major plant collections containing 6,195 individual, accessioned living plants. Further details about these collections can be discovered by following the links below:

The entryway to the Native Plants Collection. Native Plants. The main entrance is located west of the Williams Street gate to the campus. This collection primarily features trees and shrubs native to eastern North America. It also includes a wildflower garden, outdoor theater, pond, Buck Lodge and the Bolleswood Natural Area.


Entry path in the Caroline Black Garden. Caroline Black Garden. Situated east of the main College entrance on Route 32, this four-acre garden features choice ornamental trees and shrubs arranged in a series of garden rooms. Established in 1928, it was named after Professor Caroline Black, the first chair of the College's botany department.


Students sitting on Tempel Green. Campus Landscape. The grounds surrounding the campus buildings display a wide diversity of trees and shrubs from around the world. This walkable campus includes breathtaking expansive views of Long Island Sound. Tempel Green, the centerpiece of the Connecticut College landscape, is spectacular for graduation ceremonies, athletic events or taking a sun bath on a warm afternoon.

The Connecticut College greenhouse. Greenhouse. Located on the south side of New London Hall, this historic William H. Lutton Co. greenhouse contains tropical plants for teaching and research.


Taxa By Collections

As of 6/31/24, we have 6,247 accessioned living plants representing 865 taxa as 2,664 trees, 3,550 shrubs, and 33 vines. These living plants are broken down further as follows:
Native Plant Collection- 1,070 trees (138 taxa), 1,304 shrubs (201 taxa), 24 vines (11 taxa) for a total of 2,398 plants (350 taxa). 
Campus Landscape- 1,350 trees (256 taxa), 1,754 shrubs (242 taxa), 8 vines (3 taxa) for a total of 3,112 plants (502 taxa). 
Caroline Black Garden- 192 trees (82 taxa), 467 shrubs (163 taxa), 1 vine (1 taxa) for a total of 660 plants (246 taxa). 
Nursery- 52 trees (27 taxa), 25 Shrubs (13 taxa) for a total of 77 plants (40 taxa).