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The Mamacoke Conservation Area Bulletin No. 42 cover image

Bulletin 42

The Mamacoke Island Conservation Area

Bulletin 42 - The Mamacoke Conservation Area is an overview of research and management, with an emphasis on long term water fowl trends, at Mamacoke Island Natural Area and its surroundings. 

Glenn Dreyer, Robert Askins and Scott Peterson. 2016. 

Bulletin 40 -Salt Marsh Plants of Long Island Sound
Color photographs and line drawings enhance written descriptions of the 25 most common plants in this important habitat. Color fold-out photo of typical marsh locates where the plants are found. Replaces Bulletin 25. 38 pp., 2009. $5.00

Bulletin 39 - Seaweeds of Long Island Sound
New, user-friendly guide with colored photographs and illustrations of 79 different algae. Replaces Bulletin 18. 104 pp., 2006. $7.00

Bulletin 38 - The Hidden World of PlantsA scanning electron microscope survey of the Native Plant Collection, Connecticut College Arboretum. Brief description of the scanning electron microscope and of the plant structures depicted in 50 stunningly detailed close-up photographs. 40 pp., 2003. $5.00

Bulletin 37 - Living Resources and Habitats of the Lower Connecticut River
Focuses on the lower reaches of the Connecticut River that is a major New England estuary and tidal river recognized as globally significant. Photographs and illustrations. 76 pp., 2001. $3.00

Bulletin 36 - Amphibians and Reptiles of the Connecticut College Arboretum
This work combines a description of species reported from the Arboretum with a summary of the results of research projects that have been completed there. Illustrated. 48 pp., 1998. $5.00

Bulletin 35 - Native Woody Plant Checklist
A taxonomic checklist of the Native Woody Plant Collection with an index to both common and botanical names. 45 pp., 2009. $2.00

Bulletin 34 - Tidal Marshes of Long Island Sound: Ecology, History and Restoration
Describes the ecology and chronicles the history of Long Island Sound Tidal Marshes. Photographs and illustrations. 73 pp., 1995. $5.00 (Also available as PDF)

Bulletin 33 - Archaeology in the Connecticut College Arboretum
Detailed descriptions of prehistoric and historic archaeological sites in the Arboretum. Photographs and illustrations. 56 pp., 1992. $5.00

Bulletin 32 - The Connecticut College Arboretum-Its Sixth Decade and a Detailed History of the Land
Historical accounts of the formation and growth of the Arboretum. This bulletin supplements Bulletin No. 28. 96 pp., 1991. $5.00

Bulletin 31 - Birds of the Connecticut College Arboretum
An annotated list with seasonal records, and an account of the bird research program. Illustrated. 50 pp., 1990. $5.50

Bulletin 30 - Native Shrubs for Landscaping
Descriptions and lists of the best native shrubs for home, commercial and institutional landscaping. Color photographs. 40 pp., 1987. $5.00

Bulletin 29 - Mushrooms of New England
Descriptions of 89 species of fungi, 62 illustrated. 49 pp., 1984. $2.50

Bulletin 28 - The Connecticut Arboretum: Its First Fifty Years 1931-1981
Historical accounts of the formation and growth of the Arboretum. 56 pp., 1982. $2.50

Bulletin 27 - Birds of Connecticut Salt Marshes
Illustrations and descriptions of 24 birds commonly seen on our tidal marshes. 48 pp., 1981. $1.50

Bulletin 26 - Recycling Mycelium: A Fermentation Byproduct Becomes an Organic Resource
Documents the role of industrial mycelial residues as soil amendments on ornamental plants, agricultural crops, and in natural vegetation. 32 pp., 1981. $1.00

Bulletin 24 - Garden Guide to Woody Plants - A Plant Handbook
Lists and descriptions of over 500 different trees and shrubs useful for landscaping. 100 pp., 1979. $2.50

Bulletin 23 - Plants and Animals of the Estuary
Descriptions and illustrations of over 70 estuarine species. 44 pp., 1979. $1.50

Bulletin 22 - Our Dynamic Tidal Marshes: Vegetation Changes as Revealed by Peat Analysis
Description of a method for sampling peat and identifying plant remains in order to document vegetation change on tidal marshes. 12 pp., 1976. $2.00

Bulletin 21 - Energy Conservation on the Home Grounds - The Role of Naturalistic Landscaping
Learn how to conserve energy and essential resources for the homeowner. 28 pp. 1996 reprinting with supplement of 1975 edition. $2.00

Bulletin 20 - Tidal Marsh Invertebrates of Connecticut
Descriptions and illustrations of over 40 species of mollusks, crustaceans, arachnids, and insects found on our tidal marshes. 36 pp., 1974. $1.50.

Bulletin 17 - Preserving Our Freshwater Wetlands
Reprints of a series of articles on why it is important to preserve our freshwater wetlands and how this can be done. 52 pp., 1970. $1.00.

Bulletin 12 - Connecticut's Coastal Marshes: A Vanishing Resource
Testimony of various authorities as to the value of our tidal marshes and a suggested action program. 36 pp., 1961. Second printing with supplement 1966. $1.50.

The Connecticut College Arboretum has released a list of small trees recommended for planting near utility lines.


Other Publications

Native and Naturalized Vascular Plants of Connecticut Checklist Memoirs of the Connecticut Botanical Society. 232 pp. 2014. This new checklist of 2,852 native and naturalized Connecticut plants is a resource for botanists, gardeners, naturalists and landscape designers. It provides the scientific and common names for each plant, as well as whether a plant growing in the state is: native, exotic, invasive, endangered, threatened, or a special concern. Plants are organized alphabetically by family, then genus, then species or hybrid name, and then by subspecies or variety. This reference book uses the most current scientific plant names, and also provides the old name if it has changed. A complete index allows one to find a plant by either its scientific name or common name. 4 1/2 x 8 inches, spirally bound, with waterproof covers. $10.00 (plus 3.00 for shipping and handling).

Greening Connecticut Cities & Towns: Managing Public Trees and Community Forests by Richard M. Ricard and Glenn D. Dreyer, Editors. 265 pp. 2005. This book is an indispensable reference that helps its readers understand specific aspects of community forestry. Together the editors and contributors place public tree management and community forestry into a greater context of environmental sustainability and economic development. $19.95 (plus $4.00 for postage and handling).

Connecticut's Notable Trees (1998 Update) by Glenn D. Dreyer. 93 pp. Memoirs of the Connecticut Botanical Society No. 2, 1989. Records the locations and stories of the historic trees that have witnessed major events in Connecticut's past, and the largest trees of each taxa. $12.95 (plus $2.00 postage & handling). Access a computer database maintained at the Connecticut College Arboretum that includes records of over 2,800 individual trees in the state. Information for each tree includes size, location, ownership, and condition. The Connecticut Notable Trees Project

The Wild Gardener in the Wild Landscape by Warren Kenfield. (Memorial Edition) 232 pp. 1991. The results of decades of creative research involving the scientific control of unwanted plants combined with an extensive knowledge of plant ecology and horticulture to create an original volume for the homeowner as well as the estate manager. $12.95 (plus $3.00 for postage & handling).

Wildflower Poster features 28 flora native to eastern United States and Canada illustrated by award-winning naturalist and painter John Pitcher of Vermont. Beautiful and educational. 24" x 18". $10.00 (plus $3.00 for postage and handling).

Charles Chu - Connecticut College Campus
High-quality print of a Chinese ink and brush painting of the Connecticut College campus, 1984. 40” x 13” Unframed, $30.00 (plus $3.00 for postage and handling).