Considering a career in medicine, health care, law, finance or business? A Connecticut College education gives you the foundation to pursue a professional career in any field, including those typically thought to benefit from specialized undergraduate coursework.

In fact, our well-rounded liberal arts education offers better preparation because you’ll leave Conn as a lifelong learner—curious and courageous in your thinking—and a conscientious global citizen, compassionate and caring in your work with others.

Business and Finance

There is a wide range of career possibilities in the fields of business and finance, so most college graduates learn the day-to-day specifics of their jobs only when they get to work. However, those who achieve the greatest success start their jobs having already mastered the core skills of critical-thinking, communication and leadership, the three cornerstones of Conn’s liberal arts education.

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Health and Medicine

Conn prepares you for a variety of careers in fields related to health and medicine. Whether your goal is medical school, a job in public health or health care, we provide a solid framework on which you can build your career. While at Conn, you’ll gain experience in health care settings, talk with health professionals, work with the local health care community and conduct research with faculty.

Learn about the College's premed, pre-health advising

Current Connecticut College students can find out much more in the Connecticut College Health Professions Handbook found in Moodle.


Law schools desire the qualities you'll develop and exercise in your studies at Conn, and your career in law will be enhanced by the analytical, communication and people skills you’ll gain in your undergraduate education.

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We offer pre-law advising.