The German studies department sponsors academic lectures, film screenings and readings by German figures such as Frank Beyer and Thomas Brussig, newspaper editor Nikolaus Piper, German filmmaker Rainer Simon, and Oktoberfest and other social occasions.

Please consult the Online Calendar of Events for date, times and full information about German department events.

Many win Fulbrights for study in Germany

The department of German Studies continues to see its majors win numerous Fulbright fellowships for study in Germany. See the list of the College's Fulbright recipients.

Among the German studies students who have won Fulbrights:

  • Monica Raymunt '09, Raymunt, an English and theater double major at Connecticut College, is in Berlin to research access, funding and the role of government in the German higher education system. She also plans to intern with either a German or American news agency there.
  • Michael Scharf '11, a philosophy and German studies double major, teaching English in a middle or high school in Saxony, Germany. He plannned to use music to facilitate his teaching
  • Joanna Gregory '10, a German studies and history double major, taught English and starting an afterschool program to examine American influence on German slang and pop culture
  • Jessamyn Cox '09, a double major in German studies and art history, taught English and started an afterschool program that focused on American art
  • Lucy McAllister '09, double major in German studies and environmental studies, taught English and started an English-language newspaper focusing on the environment
  • Julia Norton '09, double major in German studies and international relations, taught English and used theater to start conservations about difficult social issues in Germany such as immigration
  • Benjamin Duclos '08, a German studies major from Concord, N.H., traveled to Germany to teach English and research the role of soccer in the formation of a national identity for German youth
  • Soren Gabrielsen '07, a double major in German studies and philosophy, taught English in Germany and planned to establish a club for students interested in learning about American folk and jazz music
  • Nicholas Sullivan '07, a government and German studies major, traveled to Germany to teach English and study how American pop culture is influencing German youths and the German language
  • Zachary West '05, double major in history and philosophy, taught English in Germany where he planned to create an "American Film Society," at the school, using American films to teach students about the English language, American history, politics and culture

German Studies awards in the theater world

Samantha Herndon '08 won the acting prize at the 2008 Deutsches Theaterfest for her performance as a witch and Lilith in the Witches' Sabbath scene from Goethe's Faust.

In 2009, Connecticut College's entry to the German Theater Festival at Mt. Holyoke won first prize in the college division with a student-directed adaptation of the play "heimat, fremde, heimat," by Luisa Rist.