We strongly recommend if you want to major or minor in German to begin thinking early of spending part or all of your junior year away on a study abroad program in Germany or Austria.

Baden-Württemberg Exchange

There is no substitute for being in a German-speaking environment in order to acquire the language and experience the culture. For this reason we strongly encourage students to seek out programs that immerse participants in German society, such as the student exchange offered by the states of Connecticut and Baden-Württemberg. The BW Exchange offers you the opportunity to study at any one of the nine universities in Baden-Württemberg, including some of the oldest universities in Germany. Visit the BW Exchange section for more information.

IES (International Education of Students)

In addition, the German studies department participates in the three IES programs: Berlin | Freiburg | Vienna

Summer Study in Germany

Another option open to you is summer study in Germany. The German studies department makes available a limited number of awards for summer study through the John S. King Scholarship. Go to the section on summer study in Germany where you can download the application form for the John S. King Scholarship.

Juniors, Seniors and Beyond: Scholarships and Fulbrights

In addition to such well-known programs as the Fulbright, German studies students have access to a variety of scholarships and programs covering every conceivable field of study in Germany. Many of these are open to upperclassmen, including graduating seniors. You can find information for Americans, and occasionally for foreigners studying in America, at the DAAD Web site for North America. More comprehensive information may be found through the scholarship database maintained on the DAAD Web site in Germany which includes other agencies' scholarship programs as well as the DAAD's own scholarships. Also consult the Scholarships and Fellowships section of the Connecticut College website.