Possibilities and activities abound for you as a Hispanic Studies major or minor.

Student Advisory Board

If you join the SAB, you'll be one of a group of approximately eight to ten Hispanic Studies students who work with the department's faculty in an advisory capacity on such matters as curriculum, staffing, and special projects. Students interested in participating should contact the Department chair or the chair of the Student Advisory Board.

Teaching Certification

Connecticut College offers teacher certification at the elementary and secondary levels.

Service Learning

The Office of Community Partnerships
erves as a liaison between our students and the surrounding community. OVCS links students with service-learning opportunities in such agencies as Centro de la Comunidad, Connecticut Legal Services, the Salvation Army, Families in Crisis and many, many more.

Another service-learning program is Proyecto Comunidad, developed and managed by the Department of Hispanic Studies with the support of the Holleran Center for Community Action and Public Policy and the Office of Community Partnerships.

This service-learning course offers the opportunity to apply Spanish language skills and to enhance cultural understanding while working in the Hispanic community of New London. Three to six hours of service are required weekly. The community-based aspects of the course are enhanced by seminar meetings, readings, oral presentations, and written assignments. The program is available to Hispanic Studies majors and minors and Latin American Studies majors and minors, as well as to any Spanish-speaking Connecticut College students interested in community-based learning. Hispanic Studies and Latin American Studies majors are strongly encouraged to enroll in PROYECTO COMUNIDAD as part of their of study.

Funded Internships

All Connecticut College students have the opportunity to participate in a funded summer work/learning internship experience. The Career and Professional Development funded internship program is an ideal opportunity for Hispanic Studies students to enhance their knowledge of Spanish or Latin American regions, to improve their language skills, to explore career possibilities, and to conduct research pertinent to senior projects.

Unity House

Race and Ethnicity Programs at Unity House, the College's multicultural center, contains a library, and rooms for meetings and activities. It is the site of a range of programs—films, concerts, discussions—as well as the base for organizations that support students of color.

International Student Club

The international students club's membership at times represents over twenty-five countries. The international students work together on diverse events and activities that increase awareness and appreciation of the many cultures on campus.