Welcome to the Hispanic Studies department!  We offer courses in Spanish on all levels to suit the needs of a diverse CC population. We intend to help you meet your goals, from completing language requirements (100-400 level courses fulfill Connections requirements) to career opportunities (85% of U.S. and international foreign-language positions are posted for Spanish speakers) and research development (film, environmental studies, education, Peninsular Studies, Latin American & Latino Studies, Business, professional development, public health, linguistics, art, religion, Genetics, etc.).  The Spanish language placement exam is administered to recommend the level at which students will enter our curriculum from General Education and Connections language requirements to fields of interest and studies toward the majors and minors in Hispanic Studies and Latin American and Latino Studies that complement a variety of diverse majors and minors offered at CC. 

Hispanic Studies Department Placement Exam

Who is required to take the placement exam?

All incoming first-year students are required to take the online exam prior to orientation. All other students who are interested in taking Spanish can take the exam at any time and receive placement recommendations in consultation with the Chair.

Online placement test overview

  • This is a web-based test.
  • The placement test can be taken anywhere, anytime where Internet facilities are available.
  • Plan for 30 minutes to complete in a quiet location without interruption.


These are departmental recommendations made in conjunction with a short interview conducted during orientation or by appointment.  We understand that an exam taken after a summer of mixed uses of Spanish, from no contact to conversations at work, home or travel, may yield complex results.  We hope to help you find the best fit for your educational goals.  A general guideline the department supports is that if you have taken two years or more of high school Spanish or its equivalent, you will not receive credit for Spa 101. 

If you score the following, please remember/note your score and sign up for an interview during the Academic Fair with department faculty.

0-7 SPA 101

8-14 SPA 102

15-21 SPA 200

22-28 SPA 201 or 221 (student choice)

29-35 Any 200 course (student choice)

36-40 Any 300 level course (student choice depending on major/minor)

***Please do not hesitate to contact the Chair of the Department, Professor Julia Kushigian, jakus@conncoll.edu, if you have any additional questions or concerns.