The Spanish language placement exam is administered to determine the level at which students will begin the General Education and Connections language requirements or begin studies toward the majors and minors in Hispanic Studies and Latin American Studies and Latino Studies.

Who is required to take the placement exam?

All incoming first-year students are required to take the online exam prior to orientation, even those who have successfully completed AP requirements. All other students who have not taken the placement exam should take it and consult with the department chair to determine appropriate placement prior to registering for a course. During orientation, Hispanic Studies faculty will be available by email to advise students who have questions or concerns about their placement.

Online placement test overview

  • This is a web-based test.
  • The placement test can be taken anywhere, anytime where Internet facilities are available.
  • Plan for 30 minutes to complete in a quiet location.


Once the student has completed the test, he/she/they will see their score. The score will appear as a combination of letters and numbers (i.e. A.1.2). The student is required to share their score with the Chair of the Department and will receive a response with their correct placement.