The COnnSSHARP program at Connecticut College pairs faculty members and students for collaborative projects in which students are selected to participate in the program to serve as research assistants or conduct individual study which complements the ongoing work of a faculty mentor. The award to participating students consists of a $3000 stipend for an eight-week period in the summer and free campus housing while the research is in progress.

Honors Study provides the opportunity for independent research in the senior year under the tutelage of faculty advisers. In Hispanic Studies and Latin American Studies, the Honors Study thesis is an enhancement of this Senior Project. The library maintains research resources for Hispanic Studies and resources for Latin American Studies.

All Connecticut College students also have the opportunity to participate in a funded summer work/learning internship experience. The Hale Center for Career Development is an ideal opportunity for Hispanic Studies students to enhance their knowledge of Spanish or Latin American regions, to improve their language skills, to explore career possibilities, and to conduct research pertinent to senior projects.