We offer history majors a variety of opportunities to conduct research and follow their own interests.

Our best seniors write honors theses: 80 to 100-page research papers based on research in primary sources. These are year-long projects developed in an honors seminar and supervised by individual professors.

Other students write individual studies, semester-long projects often based on research done abroad or in internships.

All junior and senior majors take small seminars of 10-15 students in their area of specialization, engaging with fellow students and professors on important historical texts and vital historical issues.

Recent history honors papers may be viewed at http://digitalcommons.conncoll.edu/histhp/:

  • The Civilian Experience in German Occupied France, 1920-1944, Meredith Smith '10
  • "German Unification: A Feminist Moment," Kathryn A. Roy '06
  • "Ideals and Techniques of Rulership in the Huainanzi: Analysis of Relevant Terms: Shen, Shenming and Shenhua", Linh D. Vu '07
  • "Drunken Sailors and Fallen Women," Eve Southworth '05

Consult the section "History Honors Thesis Guidelines."

View the library's history research resources.