History students study away in order to broaden and contextualize their interest in history by living and studying in other societies and cultures, to find courses of study different from those offered at Connecticut College, and to link their study of history to other areas of interest, particularly language study.

Goals for Studying Away

The History Department encourages study away as one of the ways of helping students to become informed and engaged citizens and effective agents of social change. We want our students to participate in study away in a fashion that is intentional and thoughtful, linking courses and internships abroad with their interests within the history major. In doing so, we especially want our students to understand their place in the world while engaging other communities with knowledge and empathy.

The study of history can be profoundly broadened by learning about other societies on their own terms and in their own languages. We want students to learn about histories other than their own, consider different historiographical traditions, and see how history is taught elsewhere. We expect students to engage with the systems of power, privilege, and oppression that are central to human history, both in their daily experience of studying abroad and in the study of the past.

Preparation for Study Away

We expect students to learn about the country where they plan to study and demonstrate in their application for study away knowledge of the history of that country. In preparation for study away, students should try to take courses, in history and elsewhere, that expand their knowledge of the part of the world where they will be studying. Students should work closely with their adviser to demonstrate that their study away program and courses fit with, and expand on, their work within the major. We expect that students take at least one history course while studying away. If approved by the major adviser, two can be applied towards the major.

In selecting courses, students should be aware that the course numbering system may not be the same as at Connecticut College. Students should consult with their major adviser about courses and get approval in advance. The History Department recognizes that offerings in study away programs sometimes change and we encourage students to inform advisors about these changes as they happen.

Timeline for Study Away

Students are encouraged to start planning for study away in their first year. More concrete discussions should take place at the time of declaring a history major and major advisers can give advice about strong programs for history majors. If to be used abroad, students should begin language study in their first year at the College.

College deadlines for study-away application materials:

  • Fall, Junior Year Study Away: If you plan to study away the fall of your Junior Year, the deadline for submitting the College’s fall semester study away application is early February.
  • Spring, Junior Year Study Away: If you plan to study away the spring of your Junior Year, the deadline for submitting the College’s spring semester study away application is mid-September. 

Visit the Timelines section for complete information on timing for planning your study-away experience.