While at Connecticut College, students can play a key role in history department activities. The Student Advisory Board serves as a liaison between our history majors and the department's faculty. Duties of the student on the SAB include meetings with faculty and potential faculty, meetings with SAB members to plan and organize events such as lectures, and miscellaneous tasks.

The history department encourages its students to take advantage of study away opportunities during their junior year and to apply to SATA (Study Away and Teach Away) programs the College may offer.

And what will you do as a history major after you leave Connecticut College? Our graduates pursue advanced studies in history, and many go to law school or business school. And more than a few go straight into the workforce, pursuing careers around the world, applying their writing, speaking, thinking, and research abilities to positions with high-tech companies, advertising firms, and media companies. They also often become the next generation of history teachers and enter the field of museum science.

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