Physics, Astronomy and Geophysics

The department of physics, astronomy and geophysics offers four different concentrations within the physics major. All programs of study begin with taking courses from the core requirements followed by the appropriate electives for each concentration.

It is strongly recommended that students considering the physics major (all concentrations) start by following the course sequence outined below:

First Year

In the Fall

Physics 109 and Math 111, 112 or 113 (usually Math 111, 1st semester calculus). Calculus course selection is based on previous training in high school. It is recommended that you interview with the Math department to select the course appropriate for you. For the Astrophysics concentration, also take Astronomy 105.

In the spring

Physics 110 and Math 112 usually. The choice will depend on which calculus course you took in the fall. For the Astrophysics concentration, also take Astronomy 110.

Sophomore year

In the fall

Physics 215 and the next course in the calculus sequence, usually Math 113.

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