You'll have many opportunities to become involved in either short-term research projects (independent studies) or multi-year projects with faculty. These latter projects often result in senior honors theses.

You can also engage in summer research projects either on campus with our faculty or at other facilities. Such work can result in student presentations at national professional meetings or in published papers co-authored with your research advisers.

Students wishing to pursue an honors thesis should discuss a project with a prospective adviser in the spring semester of the junior year and consult the College requirements for honors study.

Physics Honors Theses

Elizabeth Maret (Fulbright Scholar), 2012, "The Black Box Module for Low-Level Light Detection and Probing of Optogenetic Studies"
W. Plick, 2004, "Numerical Solutions to Gravitational Lensing''
D. Tadesse, 2004, "Analysis of Photon Emission Spectra and Cross Sections of He+ and SO2''
M. Veigas, 2002, "Light Rays in the Kerr Solution to Einstein's Equation"
R. Gobeille, 2002, "A Simultaneous Analysis of Several Low Temperature Absorption Spectra"

Astrophysics Honors Theses

K. Todorov, 2008, "Determining the Temperature of Exoplanet HAT-P-1b"
Y. Radeva, 2005, "Infrared Spectroscopy of the Comet C/2000 WM1 (Linear)"
C. Peters, 2003, "Modeling the Baseline Variability of the Light Curve of BL Lacertae from 1971-2002, Including Observations from the Olin Observatory"
J. Beem, 2002, "Optical Variability of BL Lacertae in the R and I Filters"

Geophysics Honors Theses

Michael Marshall 2011, "An Analysis of Wind Resources and the Feasibility of Wind energy Generation on the Connecticut College Campus"
Craig McCarrick, 2007, "The Effect of Obstruction Shape on Forced Pools"
Katherine Serafin, 2008, "Seasons, Storms and Seawalls: A comparison of constrained and unconstrained beaches in Groton, CT"
A. Weinberg, 2004, "Geomorphological Response to the Hydraulic Processes: A Study of Erosion in the Connecticut College Arboretum"
C. Cambell, 2004, "A Comparison of a Constrained Beach and an Unconstrained Beach in Groton, Connecticut"
J. Goode, 2002, "The Toilet Bowl Eddy: Dynamics of Flow Patterns in a Recirculating Eddy Controlled by Two Channel Constrictions with an Emphasis on Turbulence Generation"

Senior Independent Study Projects

Jim Roth, 2007, "The Stabilization and Construction Plans for Channels 1999 and 2001 on the Connecticut College Campus"
Craig McCarrick 2007, "Effects of Release Magnitude and Duration on Forced Pools"
Nathan Peirce, 2004, "The relation between the height of a cylindrical object across a channel and the loss of total head"
A. Cook, 2005, "Geologic Evidence for Water on Mars"
L. Adom, 2003, "A Guide to Short-Term Weather Forecasting"