Students in this department learn a lot and study hard! Nonetheless, they still have time for fun, and often fraternize with the faculty and staff.

With a small faculty-to-student ratio in all classes at the sophomore level and above, you'll get the chance to talk to, and know, your professors in and out of class. We are a close-knit, friendly department. You can become closely involved, alongside your peers, doing research in a faculty member's lab at an early stage in your education.

Many of our students work in the department, study in one of our research labs, or are engaged in activities outside the department — volunteering on campus and in the New London community and participating in sports.

In addition to their studies, they play music, dance, paint, are members of a team, conduct research in a lab, mentor younger physics students, engage in campus government and more. The choices are endless. Our students take their experiences in our major beyond their education in physics, astronomy and geophysics to include all that is available on campus and the surrounding community.

Many students major and minor in diverse areas of our curriculum, or double major.  As a motivated major or minor in physics, geophysics or astronomy, you can work in the department or obtain an internship for summer research. Making contact with our department and faculty is easy, and is your first step. Getting involved in, and staying engaged with, the department will enhance your understanding of physics, astronomy or geophysics and will augment and deepen your appreciation of your education.

We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you face to face.